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The Chicago Tribune

Great app! Viewing Id stunning updates and breaking news are solid, and no blockage of what sort congrats!

Too buggy

As a paid subscriber I like having this mobile version available. But at least the print edition doesnt burst into flames when you turn the page. The seemingly huge increase in embedded ads in each article appears to cause endless crashes. Animated images in those ads go "poof" and the app is gone. Sometimes cant even finish an article in one sitting. Going to have to abandon this to keep my sanity until the bugs are whacked. The is latest update and latest iOS.

Great … When It Doesnt Crash

Been using app since its introduction. Perhaps issue is new version. Repeatedly crashes while reading entries. And support, typically, will not believe the end user – that a problem exists.

Glitch issues / Not hot

Forget about the ads - cant even scroll the headlines without crashing.

Quality news app

Huge improvement over previous Tribune apps. I dont fault them for charging for content. All papers do. There are plenty of free articles if youre smart enough to recognize the premium icon.

Pretty Good App

Better than the previous one. More balance than past, but still too bias.

Great source for news

As a Life long Chicagoan who doesnt have time to read traditional newspaper copy, the app keeps me connected with all local news as well as in depth national news & commentary.

Infested with malware

This app appears to be completely infested with malware. When viewing a story, a pop-up is triggered every few seconds. Never seen anything like it.

Tronc = Bonk

Updated and reloaded, "breaking" news stories are three months old. Time to delete.

Terrible App

Im a Tribune reader and subscriber for 30+ years. Reading it on my iPad is my preferred way to go. Sadly, the app is terrible. The ad content at the top of page makes the app jump back to the top of the page. Arranging sections isnt intuitive nor obvious and they dont hold their places. The app is so jumpy and performs so poorly that Ive deleted and reinstalled it several times thinking I had a corrupt version. Nope. Its just bad. I dont have these problems with the NYT, USA Today, or any other news content ads. And this from a company claiming to be focusing on digital platform creation. Thats a funny one.

Worst news ap ever

Besides failing to keep me signed in, there is a pop up for every story and ads so thick that scrolling is nearly impossible. Paid subscribers shouldnt have to deal with that.

No good

Just got the phone app and there are so many ads that block the headlines and important news. NYT app is so much better but I want local news. Maybe Ill try Chicago Sun-Times.

Live news vs printed version

Im not sure if the intent is to synchronize this live news with the paper version. Maybe not, because thats the not case its not in sync. As TRIBUNE is moving to TRONC all digital I guess the synchronization process will be moot. Right now I could consider this a supplement to the printed copy. Navigation is good. Sharing doesnt really work well from my iPad as URLs are incomplete in emails I attempt to send. Keep on improving so you can save the trees.

Data hog

Content and organization are okay for a local paper. But I found in the iPhone storage manager that, even after clearing the safari cache, this app accounted for 1.9 GB of data! Yes, GB! That was third most on the device after music and photos! And I barely use the app more than to scroll through once a day. Theres no way to clear in-app cache (if that exists). My NYT app, by comparison, accounted for only 200mb of storage on my drive.


Latest update broke the app. Will not open, cant delete it, it is gray on my screen.


What does tronc mean. You guys were great until you, tried to focus on money rather than news. This isnt about the newspaper app but rather its parent company. Just try to make people by newspapers again, because I will happily campaign for it for free.


The Chicago Tribune still thinks it can charge people for basic news stories! What a joke! They give you 10 free articles to read, but you can read all of their content for free on the mobile site. Who in their right mind would pay for a subscription to this on the app?! Dumb.

Works well for this Trib subscriber

This app is designed for *paid* ChiTrib digital subscribers; otherwise you only can read a few articles a month. I use it several times each day. Its been a very reliable app for me on each of two iOS devices for over three years.

Annoying music

One of the ads on this app automatically plays annoying music even if you just open the page that contains a link to the ad. I dont need to be assaulted by music when I am reading the news. If this is not repaired I will cancel my subscription.

Very good

I like the articles and do not mind paying a small fee . The paper needs to make money to stay in business.

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